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“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”

​– Babe Ruth

Serving individuals and couples in the Las Vegas community.

Now accepting new clients for in-person and online sessions.

​“Tina has been very helpful in everything so far. I always feel comfortable and more confident when leaving a session. I look forward to expressing concerns with my therapist because she is always able to bring to light new possibilities and helps me look on the positive side of things. She reassures me that my feelings and anxieties are warranted based on my past and current situations.”

“I learned how to be more observant of my emotions, when, where and how they happen.”
“Even through the pandemic, Tina has been available via video conference and we really did not miss a beat!”
“Overall great. Feel comfortable. Helps me articulate my thoughts”

“Tina gets my sense of humor and doesn’t mind my sometimes colorful vocabulary. I was nervous that our age difference would be hard because how would she understand a middle aged woman... but we got along so well. She has given me many tips and sometimes even gives me some homework.”

“Working with Tina has been great - I’ve seen multiple therapists and haven’t clicked well with any before her. She is really helpful, kind, and empathetic. I never feel like she’s talking down to me or judging me.”
“Tina provided insight and helped me understand why I feel and react in certain ways.”

Anonymous Testimonials from Former and Current Clients

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